One of the most common needs in our times is to manage and optimize the company finance.
@/Arpro TA, Treasury Module has been designed to meet these needs, through simple and effective tools you can provide comprehensive information in real time. Use for projections, forecasts or to solve any corporate crises.

With special functions connected to the general accounting like processing and extraction of graphical data, you can fully satisfy these requirements:

  • analysis of the present and future financial needs, and the financial impact caused by business decisions
  • optimization of cash flows for the proper management of liquidating
  • forecast, in times of risk the company may find itself in a liquidation crisis. Being able to prepare the proper remedy in advance is a must
  • analysis of the most cost-effective strategy of funding sources and the delegation of the most appropriate debt according to business and profitability

The most effective result in handling finances is achieved by fully understanding the situation, thus being more likely to reduce the risk of a liquidation crisis or worse than that, bankruptcy.
There are many questions that arise every day for the entrepreneur or manager of a company:

  • what are the real financial needs of the company
  • ability to return bank loans received
  • analysis of direct limits (avoiding excessive dependence on third parties) and indirect costs from borrowing (progressive increase of financial charges)

Of course, all legitimate questions, which are difficult to respond to exactly!
The entire platform leverages the automatic mechanisms which allow a considerable savings of time in managing:

  1. All necessary accounting flows (once prepared in the appropriate configurations), are automatically created. From the general accounting where the administrative department performs the normal accounting records, then the system creates the so-called cash movements;
  2. Importing “forecast flows” like deadlines of supplier and customer payments, all open customer and supplier orders, sales and purchase documents, bank account statuses, etc. Completing all the financial needs.

All of the imported data generates budget movements also the so-called forecasts, considering these data aren’t final and confirmed yet.
At this point it just use the functions on @/Arpro, Treasury Module without any further manipulation, by printing the report the you can extract the data for the results of your analysis. These offer many possibilities for analysis with comparative figures between real values and the final quote.

The ability to extract data printed by type of cost center or revenue center (bank), determines the availability of cash flows relating to a particular bank and in a defined time.
Perfectly integrated with the general ledger present in the basic program @/Arpro, to which it connects and automatically extracts data for the treasury movements.

The treasury module has a structure similar to that of general accounting, where we find the basic elements and constituents: accounts plan, treasury causals and classifications. We will now analyze every single element and complete the frame on how to configure and connect to the central management system, to make it work automatically.