A solution that allows the control and verification of costs and business revenues, guiding company decisions on the basis of such data.
@/Arpro TA – Analytical Accounting is a supplementary module which requires the business management program @/Arpro, where it extracts the data and can also be used outside of the general accounting.
Thanks to the simulation functions and dynamic update of data that make up the costs of the products or services, it allows you to determine the cost of an order before initiating it or accepting the customer’s order.

Considering the productive aspects, in the case where an open order has to be readjusted, e.g. the cost of a “factor” of production already implemented and entered, the program recalculates the state of progress with the new market prices.
In this way you can determine the true cost of a finished product or service and then compare it with the estimated cost.

Detecting the variation of the production’s factors is the responsibility of analytical accounting (these factors are ignored by the general accounting). This module is able to provide information on estimates and effective costs, with signaling of the deriving differences.
The analytical accounting also addresses the problems related to the acquisition of the various services required for the “corporate life”: phone, water, electricity, cleaning service, insurance, etc.

It has been predicted in the archive of so-called “Contracts” where for each service the information is inserted. It is then divided in the cost center for the year; for example, the invoice for the cleaning, which is sent at the end of every month, can be added in analytical without waiting for an invoice since we already have the necessary data.
This module gives you the real possibility of extracting analytical reports, complete with the business budget. This is the framework of the program features.

Technical and Operative Profile
In the management of analytical accounting the company is divided into cost and revenue centers to which they can be broadcast into specific categories; these lastly are divided at several levels and structured in a specific analytical accounting plan.
It is possible to establish a link between each of these items in analytical accounting with corresponding items in the general accounting plan.
Any accounting operation (in @/Arpro) that affects these “voices” automatically creates analytical movements, which updates the balances of each cost or revenue center in real time. Of course, you can also create analytical movements unrelated to the general accounting “voices” that could be re-occurring. These can be saved in a specific data base with scheduled periodicity and used in auto-mode.

The program can extract different reports representing business data also with various search criteria, with which you can check and verify the costs and business revenues in real time.

Technical Specifications
This list summarizes the specifications and functions of the program:

  • management of cost and revenue centers
  • analytic accounting plan
  • managing analytical movements
  • balances monthly forecast and actual for each cost center
  • accounting status of costs and revenues
  • budget planning
  • various reports

Perfectly integrated with the general ledger present in the basic program @/Arpro, to which it connects and automatically extracts data for the analytical movements.
The analytical accounting module has a structure similar to that of general accounting, where we find the basic elements and constituents: accounts plan, analytical causals. We will now analyze every single element and complete the frame on how to configure and connect to the central management system, to make it work automatically.