It is a complete management program, very simplified in all those that represent the normal business management. The typical user of the product is the small or medium sized company, where two things are essential: ease of use and adaptability; unique characteristics of @/Arpro®

The program is sold individually, without the classic subdivision into modules that can be combined, then in a single complete and perfectly integrated tool. It consists of several “parts”: accounting, tax documents, customer and supplier master data, agents, banks, warehousing and movements, customer and supplier orders, quotes, BOMs and work centers, plus the calculation of the needs and pick list, a common procedure of the production area. 

The use of programming tools that are compliant with Microsoft® standards, allows for perfect integration, with the tools of individual productivity and office automation. Both the databases and the print reports are connectable: in a programming context, it is possible to integrate @/Arpro® with other programs developed to the customer needs. Naturally, in these contexts, our company will provide all the necessary relative to the record layouts and some indications regarding the integration. The front-end of the program was developed using the Microsoft® programming language, interfacing with databases through programming written in SQL. Finally, there are some programs written in C++ language related to the low-level management of the whole system. 

@/Arpro® is based on an innovative philosophy in the field of management systems: it allows rapid customization of the system, the opening of the same to the information technology and adapts perfectly to the needs of the user. It is constantly updated both in the operational aspects and in the functionalities and in compliance with the accounting rules, which require its adaptation.

Any help certainly not negligible, it is always available in the user manual of the program. Made in html format, it represents friendly help and thanks to the exhaustive content, it contemplates everything that is part of the @/Arpro® program. 

Technical Assistance
In collaboration with our dealers, we offer qualified technical assistance: telephone hot-line, technical interventions, updates and training and customizations upon request.
The services listed above, together with the right to update the programs, are included in the relative End User License Agreement attached to the program and confirmed during the enabling phases.

Prerequisites and Installation
To install @/Arpro® you need to have these minimum requirements:

  • Hard disk with at least 6Gb free
  • 4Gb memory ram
  • Microsoft Windows® Operating System supported by SQL Server® technology

The installation of the program requires qualified personnel, within the Microsoft SQL Server® operating system and technology, as well as the knowledge of the installation procedures of the @/Arpro® program.

Data backup
The management of the “Security Copies” (from the main menu select “Settings” + “Particulars”), create a data backup in the folder \ArproW\Condivisa\Temp, on the pc server: several files are generated, one for each database of the program, with the extension (.bak).
All of these files must be copied to an external device to safeguard your data. The backup operation is recommended daily and in different devices, which must also be protected for reasons of privacy.

How to start
The preliminaries of the use of the program, after being enabled, are the following:

  • configuration of accounting parameters (from main menu select “Accounting” + “Defining Accounting Constraints”, … + “Tax Registers”, … + “Accounts Plan”, … + “Accounting Causals”) (*);
  • Keep in mind. These procedures are necessary only if you manage company accounts, which are normally managed by the CPA;
  • insertion of master data of customers, suppliers, types of payments, …;
  • configuration of bank parameters (from the main menu select “Bank” + “Bank Configuration”), it is however optional;
  • insertion of warehouse items, and inventory quantities, if managed by the company;
    set up the print forms to be used (sale invoices, etc.).

Once these initial phases are completed, you can start using @/Arpro®, exploiting all the peculiarities of the application.

(*) @/Arpro® foresees the presence of at least two accounting years: the current and the previous one. This is also very important for automatic accounting calculations: some taxes are calculated based on the corresponding values of the previous year. Therefore, it is the duty of the user, in the initial phase only, to manually enter the accounting values of the previous year.

The configuration of accounting and all these aspects are only necessary if the accounting management is not managed by the accountant.