A solution to complement the @/Arpro CA base program that manages various information of employees or collaborators and all the personnel, in general.
With the ever-growing role played by human resources (HR) departments today, the depth feature of HR software has more to offer than ever before. The responsibilities of HR professionals go beyond hiring, firing, and tracking head counts. HR personnel must handle in-house certifications, manage schedules and remediate disputes, keeping track of all the data and documents.
These tools let you manage employee records from within a desktop application, locally or remotely connected. It offers you the ability to tie into applicant tracking, administration of benefits and performance management tools so that you can follow your employee’s success from recruitment to retirement.
HR management capabilities are in easy reach for small and medium-sized companies using @/Arpro CA Agency Module, thanks to the simple and integrated tools made available in the solution.

Key features
In using the HR management software, you will want to consider several key elements.
Does its user interface offer an intuitive experience that does not necessitate a heavy training burden? Can it scale as your company grows? Does the vendor offer the kind of service you will need should the software fail at any point?
Once you have determined your requirements and preferences, you will be able to approach any software wish list. Test the solutions that meet your needs and choose the one that fits your ideal combination of price and utility abilities.
How your company manages HR can be highly individual, but there are certain key capabilities and features you should look for in any solution to make sure your pick can grow and change, along with your organization’s needs.
Applicant Tracking – Includes the ability to manage job postings and even onboarding of new employees.
Benefits Administration – This critical for most HR operations, it is possible to simply managing employee enrollment all the way to offering specific benefit plans to customers.
Scheduling and Planning – A dedicated section on developing that will be an integrative part of the solution that manages appointments.
Performance Management – With @/Arpro CA – Agency Module, you can simply keep a record of employee goals.
eLearning Authoring – Can let your company build its own training materials, either internally or on a publicly accessible learning hub.
Integration – An important and valuable feature of this solution, is overcoming the necessity to maintain all the data in a homogeneous structure while being well organized and available to all the competent departments, readable with the available office tools (e.g. Microsoft Office®, Adobe Acrobat®, …). From the accounting to production departments up to the management of internal or external personnel, @/Arpro CA – Agency Module fulfills these criteria.
Efficient HR management is about the people, not the paperwork!